Air Conditioning Installation Adelaide

Wishing you had interior Climate Controlled comfort all year round?
At Climate Shifters we offer complete, efficient state of the art Air Conditioning Installation

Needing a bedroom or living area Air Conditioned?
Try a Wall Mounted Split System Air Conditioner. We can supply and install all major brand units to service any room no matter the shape or size. A highly trained technician will assess the area and provide expert opinion on sizing and location for your new Split System.

Needing a whole house or work place Air Conditioned?
Ducted Air Conditioning is the most efficient, cost effective solution. A highly trained technician will assess your home or work place and provide expert opinion on system sizing, outlet location and zoning to obtain the most effective yet efficient results from your new Air Conditioner. With a large range of easy to use, technologically advanced controlling options the possibilities are endless.

  • Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning provides constant climate controlled comfort no matter to conditions outside. Zoning and full system adjustments maintain your desired interior temperature perfectly.
  • Evaporative Cooling is a cost effective way to reduce the temperature of your home during those scotching summer days.
  • Ducted Gas Heating systems are a very efficient way to heat your home during winter and is a perfect addition to your evaporative cooling system to keep you comfortable all year round.